CJ Spiller Workout

CJ Spiller WorkoutCJ Spiller

5’11 196 lbs.

Broad Jump – 10’6

40 time – 4.37

Have you ever seen CJ Spiller workout? Want to learn the secret behind his relentless aggressive explosive power.  CJ hands down has the best power of any running back/return specialist in the league.  This same power is what allowed him to be an All-American sprinter in college at Clemson.

CJ credits his speed and on-field explosiveness to the weight room.  Glutes and hamstrings is what makes this man move.  He can squat just as much as the lineman and having those kind of legs on a 200 lb frame allow him to break tackles and have that break away speed.

Besides his weight room training CJ stays elusive and dynamic by doing plyometric style work with MMA coaches.  This seems to be popping up more often with football players and all it is, is teaching the body to move dynamically and explosively through plyometric and dynamic drills in various ranges of motions.

Check this out…

Find more info on: http://www.mammothstrength.com

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